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Audio Video System Integration

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RC Communications designs and installs permanent sound reinforcement and program audio reproduction systems for corporate and institutional clients. The audio system may be a part of a complete audio/video system in a training or presentation room, a stand-alone sound system for a house of worship, or a paging system. Systems are designed using the latest available technology, including digital processing, to provide high-quality audio reproduction without loss of intelligence due to room acoustics or environment. The audio system can be an original design or an upgrade to an existing system. We work with clients and audio consultants to discuss needs, and make recommendations based on proposed use and existing facilities. Special care is taken so that the location and placement of loudspeakers is as unobtrusive as possible.

Our designers can provide an entire project package, including engineering, custom fabrication, installation, documentation, staff training, on-site service, and optional maintenance agreements. Systems typically include video and data projection with either rear or built-in electric screen, both voice and program reinforcement- including sub-woofer and surround sound, audio teleconferencing control for lighting, shades, audio volume, power sequencing, projection screens and lifts, temperature, telephone/fax, personal monitors, and security.

When you need to attract and hold the attention of your audience, videowalls make an unforgettable presentation. Videowalls use rapidly moving multiple images to create dynamic, exciting, fast-moving presentations to help promote, sell, or inform today's visually-oriented audience. Using brilliant projection cubes with narrow mullions, videowalls are stunning for large audience performances such as visual backdrops at political conventions, rock music concerts, or large corporate gatherings introducing a product or service.

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